Nick Sawinyh on 21 Sep 2021 — 1 min read

Since we first launched DexGuru in April 2021, many things have changed. Our platform is constantly improving to meet your DeFi needs.

We are excited to announce that our public API is out now. This version is entirely free while we are in beta and available to anyone with a web3 wallet.

Go to, connect your wallet, create a project and copy your API key. This API key is all you need to start receiving reliable on-chain trading data on Ethereum, BSC, Polygon and Avalanche mainnets.

Examples of data we provide:

  • Token Current Price
  • Recent On-Chain Transactions
  • Mints and Burns, a.k.a Liquidity Pool Adds and Removes
  • Wallet Activity

Full API docs is here. We also provide convenient SDKs for Node and Python developers:

npm install dexguru-sdk

pip install dexguru-sdk

While we are in Beta, API is free for personal use. After we are out of Beta, we’ll have a free tier and paid tiers based on API calls usage. Paid tier would require you to stake a certain amount of our upcoming token to get access to real-time data.

Thanks to our advanced caching and indexation, we are one of the fastest platforms that provide blockchain data.

Every second that passes, more blockchain data is recorded. Due to the magnitude of data, it becomes increasingly challenging for the average person to read and analyze it. One of DexGuru’s goals is to make it easy to leverage on-chain data in a simple yet understandable way. We hope DexGuru API will become one of the instruments to help you build new analyzing tools that make blockchain data accessible.

We prioritize our customers’ privacy, so you never need to register or provide personal data to use any of our services.

Thank you so much for your interest in DexGuru API. We can’t wait to see all the stunning projects you will build. Join our community discord and head to #developers channel to share your feedback and chat with fellow web3 builders!