Nick Sawinyh on 03 Jun 2024 — 1 min read

History and Evolution

DexGuru, originally a DeFi trading terminal, evolved into the Guru Enlightenment Network (GEN) to meet the growing need for multi-chain orchestration across 18 blockchain networks.

Key products include:

  • DeFi Trading Terminal: Operational since February 2021.
  • Guru Block Explorer and Data Warehouse: Publicly operational since July 2023.

Core Functionalities

The core of the Guru Developer Toolset is the Flow Orchestrator, which uses BPMN for defining process manifests. It deploys both on Web2 and on-chain as Factory Smart Contracts, enabling Blockchain Business Process Management (BBPM).

Integration and Tools

The Guru Network integrates traditional BPA engines with BBPM, leveraging open-source projects like Camunda. The Flow Orchestrator, released in December 2023, is used extensively for orchestrating user flows and AI/business processes.

Developer Tooling and External Integration

The Flow Orchestrator Framework on GitHub includes a BBPA engine, smart contracts, individual agents, and a GUI, facilitating rapid development and external integration, as tested during the ETHDenver 2024 Hackathon.

Ecosystem and Partnerships

The Guru Network collaborates with projects like PixelPact and leverages longstanding DeFi partnerships. It also offers a “Build Fast Launch Faster” educational program to accelerate development and integration.

Technologies and Products

Guru Network’s lineup includes:

  • Guru Framework: An open-source SDK for building on the Guru Network.
  • DexGuru: A DeFi trading terminal providing real-time analytics.
  • Flow Orchestrator Control Panel: For managing complex workflows.
  • Guru Block Explorer: For tracking blockchain transactions.
  • Guru Network Testnet: For testing new features.
  • Guru Data Warehouse: For managing blockchain data.
  • Web3 Data Indexation and Analytics Pipeline: For integrating Web3 data.

Revenue Streams

Revenue is generated from orchestrating network participant activities, infrastructure services, and enterprise support for the open-source Guru Framework.

Unique Aspects and Competitors

The Guru Network combines blockchain, AI, and business process automation to offer advanced orchestration for decentralized finance and data-driven decision-making, standing out from competitors like Graphlinq, OLAS, and Gelato with comprehensive AI-driven orchestration and cross-chain interoperability .