Nick Sawinyh on 11 Oct 2023 — 1 min read

Fast, Flexible and Community Driven APIs for your onchain data

We have recently released two new products, the Guru Block Explorer and the Data Warehouse. In addition to these, we are also working on enhancing onchain data infrastructure layer with the Data Warehouse API currently available in Beta. This API powers up our Block Explorer and other DexGuru products, and can be customized on a Data Warehouse queries level. This means that you can create custom endpoints to serve your onchain data needs.

In case you missed here is a highlevel overview on our Data Warehouse

The easiest way to access the same data as presented in our Block Explorer is to check all endpoints listed under the Blockchain and Tokens section of our documentation site.

Those endpoints are used in Guru Block Explorer, so if you’re looking for this kind of historical data, that’s where it is.

For Traders Portfolio and wallets, please check

Account & Wallet management section, where queries regarding Account Balances/History/Transactions are presented:


Exploring those APIs, you can drop into queries, which are working behind the scenes to grab the data by following View query link, which would get you into Data Warehouse:


Here, you can Fork the query, make it your own, edit inputs and outputs, or query itself:

Expose new API endpoints and start using it in your dAPP:


Example Apps with price feeds and wallet UI:

We are continuing to develop the Guru Data Warehouse, and we are excited to announce that its new features can now be utilized through an API. All the queries we have created to power up the dashboards published in the charts and stats section of the Guru block explorer are now available in API form. This enables you to access the data in a more convenient and efficient way.